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At DANIELAS by Barock we have something for everyone, all day long, from breakfast to evening parties. 

Every day we prepare meals for you from fresh and superior ingredients. Taste one of the great dishes, enjoy the main course and end your lunch or dinner with an irresistible sweet spot.

We also offer real specialities that you will fall in love with. Enjoy a lobster cocktail or oysters with shallot vinegar.


Caviar – Osietra 30g, Blini, sour cream

Oysters – shallot, honey, red vinaigrette

Beef tartar – capers, shallots, egg yolk, chili and bread 355 CZK

Foie Gras chocolate sauce, brioche, fig-pear chutney
395 CZK

Seared Tuna Tataki – mango chili salsa
375 CZK

Frito misto – calamari, shrimp, lemon aioli, grilled lemon
375 CZK

Tuna and salmon Tartar Taco – avocado, lime, soy sauce, chili
395 CZK

Zucchini fries – lemon chili aioli
265 CZK

Antipasti – Lomo chorizo Iberico, Pata Negra, Manchego cheese, Grissini, Kalamata olives
415 CZK

Main dishes

Lobster ceviche- grilled mango, coriander, lime
765 CZK

Seared Tuna steak – mixed green salad, pico de gallo
765 CZK

Octopus – chili, shallots, sweet potato mash, Heirloom tomatoes
625 CZK

Grilled salmon – teriyaki glaze, spinach, potato puree 525 CZK

Barock Chicken – marinated in jogurt and chili, served with basmati rice, coriander and red curry sauce
525 CZK

Lamb chops – roasted vegetables, potato au gratin, red wine sauce
765 CZK

Beef steak – cognac/pepper sauce, spinach , string beans, Potato au gratin 
675 CZK

Grilled pork belly – lentils, sweet potato puree with coconut milk potato puree with guajillo chili
525 CZK

Chana Masala vegetables, chana masala, coriander, basmati rice
345 CZK

Side dishes

Potato Au Gratin 125,- / Basmati rice 125,
Sautéed vegetables 125,- / Mashed potatoes 125,-
French fries 125,- / Arugula salad 125,-
Mix salad 125-


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