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Lunch menu

Every day you can look forward to a special lunch menu that will delight you with its variety. 

We prepare the daily menu so that it always contains different types of dishes. We will always satisfy the requirements of meat, fish or vegetarian and vegan food lovers. 

Come and taste and we hope you will keep coming back. Not only will you get a great food, but you can also relax and enjoy moments of well-being. After that you will get back to your work full of energy.


Caviar Osietra 30g, blini, sour cream

Oysters shallot, honey, red vinaigrette

Frito misto calamari, shrimp, lemon aioli, grilled lemon
375 CZK

Pork Belly and Chicken Taco – pickled onion, avocado crème, chili salsa
295 CZK

Beef tartar capers, shallots, quail egg yolk, chili and toasted bread
355 CZK

Zucchini frieslemon chili aioli
265 CZK

Tomato soup tomato concasse, croutons, pesto, crème fraiche
145 CZK

Lentils soup Mexicanacarrots, peppers, capers, fried guajillo chili
145 CZK

Foie Gras chocolate sauce, brioche, fig-pear chutney
395 CZK

Main courses

Danielas salad mixed green salads, tomatoes, peppers, orange, pomegranate, citrus-honey-mustard dressing
195 CZK

Extra chicken 75 CZK
Extra salmon 100 CZK

Lobster brioche bun lemon aioli, brioche bun
375 CZK

Grilled salmon spinach, grilled lemon, potato puree
295 CZK

Grilled pork belly – lentils, sweet potato puree with coconut milk. potato puree with guajillo chili
265 CZK

Barock Wok vegetables, sweet n sour sauce, rice
265 CZK

Chicken 325 CZK
Salmon 335 CZK
Beef 345 CZK

Summer Linguine mini mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, red onion, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan
275 CZK

Beef Linguine – beef tenderloin strips in spicy tomato sauce, parmesan
275 CZK

Chana Masala – vegetables, chana masala, coriander, basmati rice
345 CZK


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